What is it?

  • A new copyright icon that displays your copyright terms to viewers of your website or online publication.

What does it do?

  • It indicates that the content on your website is protected by copyright.
  • It communicates to end users that your content is included in the UK collective licensing scheme for text and still images and describes the key permissions granted by the licences.
  • It displays the terms in a clear and simple summary that can be branded and tailored to your requirements.

 Who is it for?

  • It is ideal for any publisher that is signed-up to the collective licensing scheme although other publishers can use it too.
  • It works for all publishers regardless of size, sector or affiliation.

 How does it work?

  • It is free to use and can be installed directly from our website in minutes.
  • You register then follow a simple process to set up and personalise the display.
  • The site will generate an HTML code that you can use to install the icon and terms on your site.
  • You can follow our step-by-step guides and video tutorial to see how to get the code and how to install it on your site.

What does the display look like?

How can it benefit publishers?

  • It reduces the risk of your rights being infringed by communicating your copyright terms to users of your website or online content.
  • It makes it easier to keep control of how your content is used by providing a point of contact for users to request extended permissions through PLSClear.
  • It helps to maintain a valuable source of revenue for publishers by supporting the UK collective licensing scheme.

How can it benefit online content users?

  • It makes it easy for employees in commercial and public sector organisations to understand and comply with publishers ‘terms of use.
  • It reduces the risk of copyright infringement by users which could leave individuals or employers liable to legal action.