Terms of use

Please read these terms carefully as they apply to your use of CLA’s copyright icon and the graphics and notices produced to accompany it. You will need to read and understand these terms and agree to abide by them prior to using any of the material which is provided hereunder, free of charge, for you to adapt and use in accordance with these terms.

i. The copyright icon is made up of the ‘copyright tick logo’ (the ‘Logo’) and the word mark ‘What can I do with this content? (the ‘Word Mark’) (collectively referred to as the ‘Icon’).

ii. The Icon, with the four usage graphics (the ‘Graphics’) , the copyright notices (the ‘Notices’) that are installed from www.whatcanIdowiththiscontent.com (the ‘Website’), are the copyright of the Copyright Licensing Agency Limited (‘CLA’). The Logo and Icon are trade marks of CLA.

iii. The Icon must be used only by installing directly from the Website and only upon accepting these terms and conditions of use and completing the full registration and installation process. The Icon or the installation code must not be copied or installed from any other source.

iv. Once the installation code has been obtained it must not be distributed, sold, licensed or made available for use in any way to or by any third party.

v. The Icon must be used as supplied and in the colour supplied and not altered in any way. The Logo must not be used without the Word Mark.

vi. You may use the Graphics and Notices as they appear on the Website. The Notices may be adapted to match your requirements but any adaptations and/or additions are your sole responsibility and you shall ensure that they will not contain abusive, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, personal or confidential information, codes or links to malicious software or products or links to other transactional or commercial websites or material or any other material which may be otherwise unlawful. Any embedded links should only be used for the purpose of directing the user to the content owner’s terms of use and/or to contact the content owner.

vii. The Icon, Graphics and Notices must only be used for online content in an on-line environment and must not be reproduced in any other format whatsoever including but not limited to printed matter without the express prior written permission of CLA.

viii. The Icon must only be used on websites where the URL has been declared to CLA during the installation process on the Website.

ix.  CLA reserves the right to block or take down the Icon, the Graphics and/ or Notices and to demand the removal of such from any on-line environment or rescind permission for any use if you fail to comply with any of the terms set out herein.

x. CLA are not responsible for any unauthorised installation or use of the Icon.

xi. CLA are not responsible or liable for any loss, harm, damage or disadvantage that may result from use of the Website, the Icon, the Graphics and/or the Notices.

xii. Any goodwill arising from the use of the Icon, Graphics and/or the Notices inures to the benefit of CLA.

xiii. For the avoidance of doubt you will not acquire any rights and/or interest in the Icon, Graphics and/or the Notices through use of any such material.